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11.06.2015, 02:15

@ DOS386

WINE and INNOUNP (and Delphi)

First of all, sorry for bumping this old thread!

> INNOUNP can't extract or even detect INNO 5.xx files under HX ...
> ... because ...
> ... yeah ...
> ... "LoadLibraryEx" ignores the "LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_DATAFILE" flag (like any
> other flags).
> PS: patch the base address from $0040'0000 to some high value before
> extracting :-)

I never looked too closely, so it's not something I'm familiar with. But I did just notice something interesting:

Since I'd mentioned Oxford Oberon before, I now see that its Win32 installer is indeed using InnoSetup ("; Version detected: 5500").

You're right that you can't identify/view/unpack the target .EXE under HX. But I did try old WINE 1.3.6 on this old Lucid Puppy Linux, and it seems to unpack there correctly.

I know that's not much consolation, but at least "some" non-Windows systems can run it.

BTW, a quick check the other day revealed that InnoUnp is (mostly) written in Delphi! So I blindly assume that it's technically possible to massage it to recompile with FreePascal (preferably for native DOS). But I didn't even try. For one thing, for all we know, it uses Win32-specific APIs and isn't even portable. (EDIT: "uses Windows", ugh.) But even ignoring that, the source .RAR does (unwisely) include many precompiled binary .OBJs, so you'd have to replace those with suitable substitutes (bzip, lzma, crypt, zlib). Not totally impossible but probably not totally transparent either.

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