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Berlin, Germany,
18.07.2007, 13:04

Welcome to "DOS ain't dead"! (Miscellaneous)

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I) About

This forum evolved from a support forum for BTTR Software customers in 2007 to the most popular English-speaking DOS-only forum for users and developers running MS-DOS-compatible operating systems. So we hereby invite you to stay for a while. :waving:

II) Forum rules

* Don't post illegal content. Not even links to!
* To get write access to the forum, drop us a short message.
* Please post in English only!
* Please do not top-post! :-|
* Please do not bottom-post! :-(
* Please use the interleaved reply style instead! :-)

III) Recommendations not only for newbies

If you want really fast responses, be sure to understand the following articles. Both articles are available in many different languages.

* How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by Eric S. Raymond, Rick Moen
* How to Report Bugs Effectively by Simon Tatham

IV) Categories

Please choose a category wisely before submitting your message!
Admins or moderators are free to move your message to a different category w/o notice.

1) Announce: Announce DOS-related information (new software incl. updates, websites, ...) here.
2) Users: Discuss using DOS, software for DOS, or hardware in DOS.
3) Developers: Discuss coding for DOS or coding DOS itself, e.g., FreeDOS.
4) DOSX: Discuss DOS extenders or protected-mode programming.
5) Emulation: Running DOS in Bochs, QEMU, VirtualBox, Windows Virtual PC, ... (no DOS command window!).
6) Miscellaneous: Things that do not fit any of the other categories.
7) Sandbox: Play around with the my little forum software.

V) Formatting your messages

BBCode is a lightweight markup language that allows you to format messages.
BBCode tags are enclosed in square braces `[' and `]' surrounding a keyword.
So you have to replace all curly braces `{' and `}' to make those tags working in your messages.
(I'm using curly braces here to disable their parsing by the forum software.)

A short list including examples:
* {b}bolded text{/b} = bolded text
* {i}italicized text{/i} = italicized text
* {u}underlined text{/u} = underlined text
* {d}deleted text{/d} = deleted text

* {code}monospaced text{/code} = monospaced text

* {link}{/link} =
* {link=}BTTR Software{/link} = BTTR Software
* {url} same as {link}
* {url=} same as {link=}
* {msg=1}Welcome to "DOS ain't dead"!{/msg} = Welcome to "DOS ain't dead"!

* {img}img/homepage.gif{/img} = [image]

VI) Admins and moderators

* rr (Admin)
* mht (Admin)
* cm (Moderator)
* Rugxulo (Moderator)

VII) Known issues

* 2018-10-02 Forum "powered by" link leads to a 404
* 2017-06-18 Forum bug: Backslashes after 2017-06-14
* 2017-06-18 Forum bug: Unable to login after 2017-06-14

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