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19.07.2011, 14:42
(edited by nando, 19.07.2011, 14:57)

Can a DOS-based MSR tool write to a specific core? (Developers)

Hi, new onboard here. Thank you rr for making it happen :)

I would like to enable dual-IDA for my notebook's core2duo CPU as described here. This is possible in Linux as shown here and Windows using Throttlestop software, but I had hoped I could do use a RayerR's CPUID to do it in DOS then chainload to any OS. That means that MacOS systems with Intel CPUs could potentially engage dual-IDA mode.

However I discovered that DOS runs on the second core of my CPU and CPUID has no control over the other core. dual-IDA requires one core to go into C3 idle state.

I'm wondering if anyone would have a clue as to how this could be accomplished in DOS? The Windows/Linux MSR tools have thread affinity - the ability to perform a MSR write to any core. From what I can see, DOS/DJGPP may not have the ability to write to an individual core.

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19.07.2011, 18:18

@ nando

Can a DOS-based MSR tool write to a specific core?

I guess it needs APIC initialization and I don't know about any DOS app that handle it to utilize multicore. I remember there was a discussion and maybe Japheth tried some experiments with it. DJGPP and other DOS C compilers generate singlethread code without any control of APIC. In my case I use affinity function that works for windows and linux and compile to dummy function on DOS.

But I hoped if I will set multiplier/VID on one core it will set globally because CPU has only one PLL (I belive) and mobo has only one VRM. Please give me some time for experiments...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.

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