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03.09.2013, 03:18

MPXPlay 1.60 alpha 4 (Announce)

diffs between v1.60 alpha 4 and alpha 3
-alternative search displaying at alt-letter: filter (display only) search result in playlist editor (keyboard.c, display.c, playlist.c)
(you can revert to the old method with PlayListCntrl+16 flag)
-file-copy (alt-F5) filemask from "*.*" to "*.?*" (to copy all files from subdirs) (diskfile.c)
-high cpu usage at stream copy (diskfile.c)
-MP4 parsing (error handling) (in_mp4.c)
-DOS: IHD config (speaker setting): -scc 1 enables the speaker (else it's disabled) (sc_inthd.c)
-removed KeyEditJukebox1 and KeyEditJukebox2 keyboard mappings (j and J), use alt-F1/F2 (keyboard.c, mpxplay.ini)
-corrected some instability problems (prg-exit and subdir-scan) (mpxplay.c, diskdriv.c)

diffs between v1.60 alpha 3 and alpha 2
-alt-F5 can copy (record) http streams too (diskfile.c)
-DOS: partially modified Intel HDA handling, added new PCI IDs (cards/boards) (sc_inthd.c, pcibios.c)
-partial detection of bad Xing headers (better length calculation in some cases: if average bitrate seems to be invalid) (in_mp3.c)
-better OGG parsing and seeking (if something is incorrect in the file, multiply headers in the stream) (in_ogg.c)
-better http socket/read error handling (drv_http.c)
-EXTM3U load: -1 length means stream (loadlist.c)
-DOS4G version: increased stack size (32k->256k) for interrupt decoding (Opus decoder needs this) (au_cards.c, timer.c)

diffs between v1.60 alpha 2 and alpha 1
-added http file/stream handling (drv_http.c, mpxinbuf.c, chkentry.c)
-added Ogg/Opus handling/demuxing (decoding is in ad_opus.dll) (in_ogg.c)
-ASX extension is removed from ASF demuxer, added to playlists (a very primitive ASX list parsing) (in_asf.c, loadlist.c)
-AAC/ADTS parsing (in_aac.c)
-MP4/HE-AAC 24khz decoding (ad_aac\decoder.c)

diffs between v1.60 alpha and v1.59 final
-removed lq-mode (16 bit integer) au-mixer, removed HQmode setting from mpxplay.ini (now Mpxplay has only 32-bit float based audio mixer)
-crossfade works at different input frequencies too (you can do crossfade between a 5.1, 48Khz AC3 and a 22kHhz mono MP3 too)
-added general tone (bass/treble) for au-mixer (all filetypes have tone control, not only MPx)
-added disable_decodertone (+16) and disable_mixertone (+32) flags to MixerControl variable
-AC3 decoder fix (went wrong at v1.58a1) (parse.c)
-FFMPEG (MKV): increased number of max streams (20->32) (ffutils.h)
-FLAC decoder optimizations (flac.c)
-displaymode is not saved in mpxplay.ini, if fullscreen mode is disabled at command line (control.c)
-ctrl-Del doesn't clear directory side in multitab mode (keyboard.c)
-ctrl-'r' doesn't clear files (just resets the file/id3 infos), if no related playlist nor dirscan (playlist.c)
-multi tabs are not modified/deleted in file-out (-o) mode (sc_wav.c)

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


04.12.2013, 11:46

@ RayeR

MPXPlay 1.60 beta 1 ||| 2013-Nov-24

> Mpxplay v1.60b (DOS32A) | Nov 24. 2013. | beta (inc. TCPIP)
> Opus decoder v1.60 Dec 20. 2012. from Mpxplay v1.60
"Mpxplay v1.60" started 2012-11-09

> Mpxplay v1.60 beta is released on
> (basically only the DOS version's changed a little bit)

OPUS decoder is not updated.

Test results:
- seems to work
- new HDA cards not tested
- OPUS not tested (had forgotten to download the DeLL HeLL ... damn)
- old problem: files detected by extension, not by content

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***

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