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03.07.2014, 05:18

What to do when a Win32 app fails? (Users)

I had installed under DOS7.1 and run the program sfk.exe, but it won't work. The sfk.exe is a part of the SwiftForth IDE environment, for Win32 console mode app development. (Its evaluation version can be download from

After running the HXLdr32.exe, the sfk can be started OK, but something is wrong. I can "emit" a character to the screen and get the key code pressed from the keyboard. But I can't define any single word(i.e. function), such as
: t1 1 ;
will get a "catch = -80" error.

I also compile a simple app foo.exe under XP's DOS Box. It prints a message on the screen and wait for a key press to exit this app. This program works fine under XP's Box, but fails in DOS7.1 with HXLdr32. I don't see any message on the screen and can't exit by pressing a key except the 'Enter'.

Any suggestions? How to 'debug' this kind of problem?


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