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FRANCE [Lyon],
17.03.2018, 18:41
(edited by cpcdos, 18.03.2018, 11:49)

iret from dpmi interrupt handler (Developers)

Hello everyone,

I've a strange problem with my ISR runtime under djgpp/G++.

My code for create interrupt handler
---------------------------- main.cpp -----------------------------------
extern "C" void end_Routine_ISR();
extern "C" void Routine_ISR();
_go32_dpmi_seginfo old_handle, new_handle;

/****** My "ISR handler" function in asm inline *******/
asm (".global _Routine_ISR n _Routine_ISR:n"

// "call _my_context_switching_function"

asm (".global _end_Routine_ISR n _end_Routine_ISR:n"

void Create_ISR() {
int Vecteur_initialisation = 0x08;

if(_go32_dpmi_get_protected_mode_interrupt_vector(Vecteur_initialisation, &old_handle)!=0)
printf(" ERROR P1n");

nouveau_handle.pm_offset = (long unsigned int) (void*) Routine_ISR;
nouveau_handle.pm_selector = _go32_my_cs();

if(_go32_dpmi_chain_protected_mode_interrupt_vector(Vecteur_initialisation, &new_handle)!=0)
printf(" ERROR P2n");

_go32_dpmi_lock_code((void*) Routine_ISR, (unsigned long) ((unsigned long) &end_Routine_ISR - (unsigned long) &Routine_ISR));
_go32_dpmi_lock_data((void*) Routine_ISR, (unsigned long) ((unsigned long) &end_Routine_ISR - (unsigned long) &Routine_ISR));


I compile this,
gpp main.cpp -O0 -m32 -S

And this is my problem
---------------------------- main.s-----------------------------------
... generated code ...

.global _Routine_ISR

call _my_context_switching_function().

.global _end_Routine_ISR

... generated code ...

During my _Routine_ISR interruption if i use this "iret" my program crash with SIGSEGV signal (with or without my "call function"). But if i use "ret" interrupt works.:-|

I want use "iret" in my context switching function , but i can't

According to my Google friend, NT bit flag must set from EFLAG in my context structure, but it's an interrupt created by _go32_dpmi_chain_protected_mode_interrupt_vector() ... WTF :confused:

Someone can help me?

Best regards,

Sébastien FAVIER

ps: Excuse me for my English level, I'm a French student



20.03.2018, 00:59

@ cpcdos

iret from dpmi interrupt handler

You don't need to care about ret/iret in djgpp.
just define your ISR as simple C function:

void covox_playback_isr(void)

and here is sample code how to install your new ISR:

//***************** install Covox playback ISR at timer interrupt ***********
void covox_playback_install(void)
  printf("Installing new timer ISR for Covox playback...n");
  // lock the functions and variables
  _go32_dpmi_lock_data((void *)&sound_buffer_cnt,(DWord)sizeof(sound_buffer_cnt));
  _go32_dpmi_lock_data((void *)&sound_data_request,(DWord)sizeof(sound_data_request));
  // load the address of the old timer ISR into the OldISR structure
  // point NewISR to the proper selector:offset for handler function
  // chain the new ISR onto the old one so that first the old INT_TIMER ISR will be called, then the new timer ISR
//  _go32_dpmi_set_protected_mode_interrupt_vector(INT_TIMER,&timer_isr_new);

//***************** remove Covox playback ISR from timer interrupt chain ****
void covox_playback_uninstall(void)
  printf("nRemoving new timer ISR for Covox playback...n");
  // load the old timer ISR back without the new ISR chained on
  covox_playback_setup_fs(0);          // set default timer speed

As I told, under DPMI host you cannot manipulate IVT on your own will but ratther use DPMI function wrappers to do things correctly. Read DJGPP FAQ documnt for more...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.

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