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Berlin, Germany,
11.01.2019, 19:54

lziprecover version 1.21 available (build) (Announce)

On 11 January 2019 I finished my 32-bit DOS build of Antonio Diaz Diaz' lziprecover version 1.21 using DJGPP version 2.05.

Binaries, user manuals in ASCII format, and fully configured sources plus some simple instructions on how to rebuild are available at

lziprecover changes since my last build (version 1.20):
2019-01-04  Antonio Diaz Diaz  <>

        * Version 1.21 released.
        * File_* renamed to Lzip_*.
        * Added new options '--dump', '--remove' and '--strip'. They
          replace '--dump-tdata', '--remove-tdata' and '--strip-tdata',
          which are now aliases and will be removed in version 1.22.
        * lzip.h (Lzip_trailer): New function 'verify_consistency'.
        * Lzip_index now detects gaps between members,
          some kinds of corrupt trailers and
          some fake trailers embedded in trailing data.
        * Use Lzip_index to split members, gaps and trailing data.
        * Verify last member before writing anything.
        * (list_files): With '-i', ignore format errors, show gaps.
        * With '-i', ignore a truncated last member.
        * (main): Check return value of close( infd ).
        * Improve and add new diagnostic messages.
        * Print '\n' instead of '\r' if !isatty( 1 ) in merge, repair.
        * Compile on DOS with DJGPP.
        * lziprecover.texi: Added chapter 'Tarlz'.
        * configure: Accept appending to CXXFLAGS, 'CXXFLAGS+=OPTIONS'.
        * INSTALL: Document use of CXXFLAGS+='-D __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO'.
        * Added new test files fox.lz fox6_sc[1-6].lz.

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