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20.07.2010, 18:01
(edited by Arjay, 20.07.2010, 18:52)

JOSHFTP - DOS-based FTP client by Josh Levine (TINY) (Announce)

Spotted that Josh Levine author of TINY (already listed under ) has now released JOSHFTP, a new DOS FTP client:

Josh has also updated his SNTPC client: SNTPC - A Simple Network Time Protocol Client for MS-DOS

as well as TINY: a set of programs that lets you control a DOS computer from any Java-capable machine over a TCP/IP connection.

Note: Usage of JOSHFTP and SNTPC are free for non-commercial usage. In the case of JOSHFTP, Josh asks that you drop him an email. For SNTPC/TINY the licenses both say that people can express their gratitude though a tax-deductible donation to a donation to The Aasha Foundation. I'm sure he would appreciate the same for JOSHFTP although his website doesn't yet say that.

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