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Can a DOS-based MSR tool write to a specific core? (Developers)

posted by nando(R), 19.07.2011, 14:42
(edited by nando on 19.07.2011, 14:57)

Hi, new onboard here. Thank you rr for making it happen :)

I would like to enable dual-IDA for my notebook's core2duo CPU as described here. This is possible in Linux as shown here and Windows using Throttlestop software, but I had hoped I could do use a RayerR's CPUID to do it in DOS then chainload to any OS. That means that MacOS systems with Intel CPUs could potentially engage dual-IDA mode.

However I discovered that DOS runs on the second core of my CPU and CPUID has no control over the other core. dual-IDA requires one core to go into C3 idle state.

I'm wondering if anyone would have a clue as to how this could be accomplished in DOS? The Windows/Linux MSR tools have thread affinity - the ability to perform a MSR write to any core. From what I can see, DOS/DJGPP may not have the ability to write to an individual core.

See nando4 NBR profile


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