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KBFR - minor bugfix, *Files refresh* (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 27.07.2011, 13:39
(edited by Ninho on 27.07.2011, 16:46)

KBFR v2.0 files have just been refreshed; users should update.

Reason: small bug fix - for an unfortunate last-moment regression :-( Found thru routine code review rather than in-the-field. Under unusual circumstances the resident's placement in low DOS memory would end up being less than optimal.

Other changes : - won't try to unload a (future! version) resident from the HMA.
- semicolon may be used to introduce comments on command line.

Download : filenames ,URLs and user-visible version number remain unchanged.

Program & How-tos 4,582 bytes, MD5 =1793CB1CCB7CE3B10745EC1B31F04AE0=

ASM Source 11,354 bytes, MD5 =5FC55A53D0F675A977ADF9C7F8BB7114=



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