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Only One "Customer" -- ONLY ONE!!! (Miscellaneous)

posted by Jack, 17.10.2007, 23:39

I cannot tell you how TIRED I am, of all this!!

Note that below, in the middle of what began as a simple announcement about
UIDE, and a simple comment by me that it would be corrected, like it was, I
tried to END ALL THIS by offering you all a much-better UIDE, one that will
take only 1.75K of upper-memory and still provide caches up to 200-MB.

And do you know how many "customers" I got??

Only one. Tom Ehlert. ONLY ONE!!!

Despite my comments to Lucho earlier today, I now know how to have BOTH the
1.75K and 3.5K upper-memory "schemes" in one driver, so UIDEJR is unneeded,
as I wrote to Tom. I will do that upgrade, then proceed with a "plan" for
an even better UIDE, whose total upper-memory and HMA usage will not exceed
5K no-matter WHAT cache size is desired.

And except for Tom Ehlert and my three good associates, nobody noticed, and
nobody cares.

Just-Plain NOBODY CARES!!!

I will spare you the REST of my thoughts on all this. You would "NOT want
to know"!! And you would not care, anyway.

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