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BORLAND DPMI-16bit - a workaround for this issue (Announce)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 15.08.2011, 16:29

> > Is this problem new?
> I think that is new problem, older UIDE works with 16-bit DPMI

No, the problem is old - I tested with some old versions of UIDE and even an old UDMA; they all crash.

It's a bug in the Borland DOS-extender. For unknown reasons it crashes if the physical address of the XMS memory block that the extender allocates is beyond the 16MB border.

Here's a work-around that requires 2 changes in config.sys:

1. Option /R63 for UIDE, which makes UIDE not use extended memory from the first 64 MB, must be set.
2. Option /X2MAX32 for HimemX, which makes HimemX restrict XMS v2 max. memory to 32 MB, must also be set.

MS-DOS forever!


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