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posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 19.08.2011, 05:59

> > BTW, it's not that old, the pl5 ("patchlevel 5") build is dated from
> > October 2010, so that's less than a year ago.
> The "pl" stuff IIRC has just useless subsubsubsubsubsubminor changes at
> best :-(

Well, it was still a recompile for DOS, so ... honestly, maybe he was unable (for some technical reason) to build latest version with DJGPP, who knows.

> > > Anyways, I've already grabbed 3.02pl5 recently, so I should just
> mirror
> > > that for us later tonight (iBiblio only has 3.02pl1).
> >
> Done! ("pl1" deleted, don't forget to update FB and FASM too) :-)

I didn't actually delete "pl1", but the way things are currently set up, I moved it to "old", which for whatever reason doesn't show up (and won't let me fix it either, blech). Well, honestly, who needs it? :-P

> BTW, the new 3.03 Win32 binaries do work well with HX - so I don't need the
> DGJPP binaries badly ... CPU compatibility not tested (CMOVNTQ&Co) :-|

Lucky ... usually things never work for me. Too bad more Win32 people don't test more with HX (esp. when dropping DJGPP).


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