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DOSUSB : UHCI+OHCI->mess (Users)

posted by DOS386(R), 04.09.2011, 12:30

> if the motherboard has UHCI controllers and the extension board OHCI
> controllers (or the other way around) the extension board will not work
> with DOSUSB. I did not expect both UHCI/OHCI controllers on the same PC
> when writing DOSUSB and now it will be quite a lot of work for a small user
> base to get that to run

I also have this problem and IIRC there are cca 1'000'000'000 mails I exchanged with Georg on this subject ... including both "I'll fix it" as well as "I won't fix it" answers ... anyway, there are options to exclude controllers to bypass this problem, RTFM and make sure to set some of them to prevent attempts to use both UHCI and OHCI at same time.

BTW, what about the other (simpler) issues pending in the UHCI/OHCI/EHCI version of DOSUSB? Any further update (YES ... I've seen your other project)?

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