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Using Multiple CPU Cores in DOS? (Miscellaneous)

posted by bretjohn(R) Homepage E-mail, Rio Rancho, NM, 13.09.2011, 19:14

> IIRC the problem we discussed 2 years ago was that you were using INT $15 /
> $87 incorrectly, resulting in a 16-Byte's limit instead of 64 KiB,
> plus redundant mapping code. This problem is not fixed in the latest
> version 2010-Jan-30.

This is fixed in what I'm testing with now. Even if it weren't, though, it doesn't affect the HUGE relative disparity in switching speed between RM and V86 (a factor of 25~50 on my test machines), nor the fact that it's still relatively slow even from V86 mode. The only way to circumvent this is to not switch, or to increase the switching speed.

> Above in many posts I see many ideas (use multiple cores, use some special
> DPMI host, use DPMS, use virtualization) ... but sorry I don't like any of
> them. Why? Because they just introduce unnecessary requirements.

These things aren't necessary for things to work at all, they just may be necessary for things to work fast enough to be very useful.

> * Try to reduce the number of mode switches
> * Get it working now, get it working fast later

Exactly what I'm doing, and why I already stated that I would not be looking into the multi-CPU/Core option myself, at least any time soon. If it's possible to do it, though, it could help a LOT of programs, not just mine.

> PS: mode switches are inherently evil ... see RayeR's DGJPP issues or
> FreeBASIC graphics issues :-(

Perhaps "evil", but unfortunately necessary with today's systems. Modern hardware specs (ACPI, SATA, MMIO, fast USB, ...) are designed to be run from PM (or SMM, in some cases), not RM. It takes a lot of "hacking" and compromises to get it to work from RM.

Life would certainly be a lot easier if we just fell in line with the rest of the sheep, blew off DOS altogether, and just went exclusively to Windows or Linux. But I'm not going there.

> This is not a driver, but allows to use USB storage devices from DOS.

There's a lot more to USB and DOS than storage devices, unfortunately.


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