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Using Multiple CPU Cores in DOS? (Miscellaneous)

posted by bretjohn(R) Homepage E-mail, Rio Rancho, NM, 13.09.2011, 23:02

> Bret, can you somehow reduce the frequency of IRQ event?
> I mean setup USB host to generate this IRQ less often.

This is possible to a certain extent, and I'm already doing it when it's appropriate. I already test the computer to see how long the mode switches take, and adjust the IRQ rate to the extent the hardware allows. The problem is, slowing down the IRQ rate also slows down access to everything on the USB bus. And, with all of the slow mode switching going on in the background, the speed of all foreground applications is adversely affected as well.

Just as an aside, USB is really designed to run with the possibility of IRQ's being generated at least once every millisecond. With EHCI that can be increased to once every 125 microseconds.

I'm doing what I can to mitigate this in the drivers, but it would sure be nice if someone else could maybe work on a way to decrease the switching times, if it's even possible.


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