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Using Multiple CPU Cores in DOS? (Miscellaneous)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 14.09.2011, 03:52

> Honestly, it's kinda dopey that we don't have portable drivers or binaries
> for all these various x86 systems. Am I the only one who thinks it's dumb
> that x86 OS #1 can't run code from x86 OS #2 despite being written for the
> same language (e.g. C89)? At least FreeBSD partially got that right by

Scitech was already tried to do such drivers but they're gone... Also I read somewhere, that nvidia have unified driver that share a lot of code between win and linux version but of course there are many differences in kernels API so there must be some layer between... I think that problem is there was a lack of such open driver standard in the past so groups developing OSes setup their own closed standards.

BTW as I studied EFI spec, there should be some graphics API that will be available for EFI apps. So when it spreads it may become quite good standard. It should provide also other functions/drivers. But I'm not sure if this EFI API can be utilized only during boot stage or later all the time. But there was mentioned that EFI allows you to load EFI apps from EFI (FAT32) partition on HDD (like vendor specific diag/config tools and there are alrerady also some games!) so I guess it will be available. But EFI should be running completly in PM so probably when you boot DOS and switch to RM you will be lost. The question is how long there will be legacy support emulationg BIOS services in EFI BIOS...
So shortly, there will be some new API available for using modern HW but incompatible with old 16bit DOS.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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