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Using Multiple CPU Cores in DOS? (Miscellaneous)

posted by FFK(R) Homepage, 18.09.2011, 04:44

> Above in many posts I see many ideas (use multiple cores, use some special
> DPMI host, use DPMS, use virtualization) ...

I guess that the best choice is a standarised DPMI 1.1 Multi-cores, Multi-thread extension,

> but sorry I don't like any of
> them. Why? Because they just introduce unnecessary requirements.

Multi-cores should be very useful for a modern graphic library,
For example, I can split the video screen in two. then I make two instances of DUGL, each one render on it's half screen using a separated CPU core. This mean that we can render twice faster than a single core !
I can for example do all 3D transformation inside a CPU core, and do the rendering using another CPU core.


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