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IBM PC DOS, free downloads (Announce)

posted by usotsuki E-mail, 28.07.2007, 02:31

> > > There is an evident difference: by making something publicly available
> > > on the net the owner has actively done something, thus expressing
> that
> > > he doesn't mind others to use his software. This "action" is lacking
> in
> > > the "unlocked car" case.
> >
> > I agree to this difference, but not to the rest. ;-)
> Last note from me: Japheth's comments are consistent with IBM's practices.
> It _does_ typically lock or conceal files that require payment, or
> agreement to special conditions of use. I regularly go through the
> process. I think this is therefore a case where absence of evidence is
> evidence of absence.

Now if I could only recall where I found the 7.10.0 files on their site... (which I've archived)


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