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HX DOS Extender (Emulation)

posted by DOSGuy(R) Homepage, 25.09.2011, 20:17

Hi everyone.

I have yet to get any Windows program running with HX DOS Extender under DOSBox, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had success with this. Any program I try, including those that list as working (ScummVM, Quake 2, etc.) fail with import errors -- usually SB16.dll -- despite all of the tests in the test folder passing.

For ScummVM, with or without DOSLFN, hxrt216 is able to bring up black-and-white GUI, but the mouse pointer can't leave the center of the screen by more than a few pixels, and then the emulation freezes. hxrt217 RC brings up nothing more than a black screen and frozen mouse pointer, so there may be a regression.

Anyway, I just want to check everyone else's experiences and see if I'm missing something stupid. I'm installing HXRT and the corresponding HXGUI, but every program fails saying that msvcrt.dll can't be found, so I found a copy online (so maybe that's the problem). Once I have msvcrt.dll, some programs will go into graphics mode and report errors, and others never leave the command prompt.

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