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HX DOS Extender (Emulation)

posted by DOSGuy(R) Homepage, 26.09.2011, 16:18

> There are 2 misconceptions: First, DOSBox is not a target for HX. Some
> programs might work by chance, but I usually don't test things under DOSBox
> - because it's a rather limited DOS emulation only. Second, ScummVM is not
> "list as working".

I wasn't under the impression that DOSBox was a target for HX, but I hoped that you or other forum users might have had some success using HX DOS Extender in DOSBox. If it can't or won't work in DOSBox's limited DOS environment, I can always boot FreeDOS in DOSBox.

ScummVM is listed as working in HX DOS Extender at this apparently unofficial page, but it doesn't say which version of ScummVM they got working. Stryfe from the ScummVM forums got ScummVM running in HXRT216 in May 2011, so it was probably with a recent version.

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