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PDF readers for DOS (Users)

posted by bocke(R), 26.09.2011, 22:15

> PS: Any reccommandations about standalone GhostScript binary (and how to
> use) ?

There are some FreeDOS builds here: They are not the most recent (2008) but I would guess they are recent enough. Using GhostScript directly wouldn't be as comfortable as using a frontend. Usually, gs file.pdf would show a file automatically and pressing "return" key would change a page. I'm not sure if there is any way to control the flow of the document rendering (ie if you could go to a previous page or similar), but I would suppose not. So you really need a frontend. Makes the life much easier. If you're really interested there is also an online manual:

Of course, if you don't need 16-bit. Otherwise, there is a really old 16-bit build of GS 2.6, but I don't know how useful it is nowadays.

Btw, I can't remember if there is a native port of SDL to DOS. I know you can run some win32 SDL apps using Hx, but was wondering about native option.

Anyway, I tried googling for some PDF readers/tools that might be portable to DOS or runnable with Hx:

Green - an SDL PDF reader
Nupdf - it uses mupdf library for rendering and SDL for GUI
PoDoFo - a pdf manipulation library and a couple of command line tools
pdftohtml - converts pdf to html, based on xpdf

There are also online pdf to html converters and viewers. Those usually have a bloated interface or are based on flash pdf viewing component. But there is an FOSS pdf viewer with a simple interface at: I tried the online interface but couldn't upload the file. Haven't tried installing the script locally and running it from my machine. It will require a browser with the image support as it renders the pages as a gif images.


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