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HX DOS Extender (Emulation)

posted by DOSGuy(R) Homepage, 28.09.2011, 10:26

> > but it doesn't say which version of ScummVM they got working. Stryfe from
> the
> > ScummVM
> forums
> > got ScummVM running in HXRT216 in May 2011, so it was probably with a
> > recent version.
> The best bet would be to ask them directly (in that topic). ;)

ScummVM v1.3.1 was only going to a black-and-green GUI in HXRT216 and freezes shortly afterwards, whereas HXRT217 RC only gives a black screen. I tried ScummVM v1.2.1 in HXRT216 and it's often possible to start a game from the GUI before it freezes. Since the GUI seemed to be the problem, I decided to skip the GUI and try to run the game directly from the command line (i.e. dpmild32 -g scummvm -f -pc:\curse comi"), which launched me directly into The Curse of Monkey Island!

COMI is very, very slow under HXRT216 in DOSBox. I then tried the game in ScummVM v1.3.1, and it's much faster, but I lost the subtitles, and calling for them from the command line with -n seemed to crash the game. If I use yhkwong's build with Roland MT-32 emulation and instruct ScummVM to use --native-MT32, I get sound effects before the game freezes!

So, HX DOS Extender definitely doesn't handle ScummVM's GUI very well, with v1.2.1 working much better than v1.3.1. Games are playable in both versions of ScummVM using HXRT216, but I get nothing but a black screen using any method with HXRT217 RC. There definitely seems to be a regression that's preventing ScummVM from working in HXRT217.

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