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Release a program in Google Sites (Miscellaneous)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 29.09.2011, 20:31

Geesh, that sounds like a lotta lawyer talk! (And i'm no lawyer.) But i'll give you my non-professional personal reactions. My general impression of Google is that they're pretty cool (for example, the China/censorship/blocking situation).

It sounds to me like, overall, they're trying to cover their butts with the above policy statement. For instance, like if somebody puts something up on a Google page and then they try to get Google to cough up some royalties.

However... then you get to the "fine print". It seems like there's a lot of "if's" and "and's" in there which are so vaguely worded that no one could reasonably determine how they might be applied... at some time in the future.

Yes, you retain copyright... but do you retain control? "Caveat *post*-or"....

So now you don't have much more of a lead than you did before.... :-)

- Doug B.


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