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Release a program in Google Sites (Miscellaneous)

posted by mbbrutman(R) Homepage, Washington, USA, 30.09.2011, 15:12

> The program is a "toy" (without importance or possible future profit), but
> I donīt like these ambiguities. I think they can be dangerous in other
> situation, maybe you can lose power or rights about one important work.
> Iīm going to upload two torrent to the page, and the program files will be
> in my computer.


I recently released mTCP (my DOS TCP/IP code and applications) and chose Google to host it.

The terms and conditions that Google have are perfectly reasonable; you are agreeing to allow them to host your code. You are giving them the option to translate the pages to different languages, repackage the code, convey the code using different source control systems, etc. Basically you are giving them the right to host your code even in some ways that might not be obvious or invented yet. But you are not giving them the right to misappropriate it, and nor are they interested in that.

Google hosting gives you a home site, download bandwidth, a Wiki, a choice of source control (if desired) and issue tracking. It's a great resource.

And at least in the US and most civilized countries *you never* lose the copyright to your code if you don't intentionally hose yourself. For example, I released my code as GPL3. That means I granted other people a license under those terms and conditions - I myself am not bound by that license. So I can keep going back to my private repository, enhancing it, and even selling my own version if I wanted to. Some pretty large open source software works on this model, one of the best known being MySQL.

I can grant other people a license different than GPL for the same code if I so choose.

However, I can never revoke the right to use the code under GPL for what I released under the GPL. And if I'm not careful and I incorporate other GPL code into my code, I am bound by that license and must release any derivative changes. Which is perfectly fair and appropriate.

mTCP - TCP/IP apps for vintage DOS machines!


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