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[BUG] Critical FreeDOS kernel bug with >128 MiB files (Users)

posted by DOS386(R), 25.10.2007, 07:20

Seems I found a pretty serious bug in FreeDOS kernel :no: - when I 7-un-ZIP a (poorly compressible) > 128 MiB file, it frequently (?) trashes the output file ... there is one block of garbage, 4 or 16 MiB in size, placed randomly (?) between 128 MiB and the end of the file. The bug doesn't occur with EDR-DOS, and, surprisingly, it doesn't occur when uncompressing a ZIP file of similar size with 7-ZIP either :no: 7-ZIP is always happy, thus, the written data gets corrupted between 7-ZIP output and the HD ... Bug also seems not to be specific to some partition: same bug on other one, defrag has no effect, scandisk is happy ... I did some tests - eats pretty much time :-( ... some more test still possible.

Anyone has had this or similar bug ? Anyone 7-un-ZIP's such unreasonably huge files under FreeDOS ? :lol3:

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