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An universal way how to flush disk cache? (Developers)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 28.10.2011, 21:39

I received a comment by Jack:
My CC.COM program is "specific" to flushing the cache
within UIDE. UIDE "traps" only reads and writes for
a disk or diskette. Other requests, e.g. format and
write-verify, are "passed" to the BIOS. Before UIDE
"passes" a request, it must flush its cache, since it
does not have logic to determine if the request might
change the data for a disk/diskette. So, CC need do
only a "BIOS reset", that UIDE will pass to the BIOS,
to make UIDE flush its cache. I do NOT know if such
a reset will flush other caches. I rather doubt it!


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