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ICH4 and CD audio not working (Developers)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 15.12.2011, 16:19

Talk about synchronicity! I was just about to post a question to the group asking if there is a utility similar to Laaca's LiveCD but for Intel chipsets. Amazing....

The only problem is... it doesn't seem to be working on my system! At least to play audio CDs.

ICHINIT seems to initialize ok:

Real mode DOS initializer for Intel ICH based AC97/HDA codecs.
Developement ver 2.0 (August 2007).
Written by Piotr Ulaszewski (PETERS).
Intel 82801DB (ICH4) integrated AC97 audio codec detected.
Mixer Base I/O port              : 0x1c00
Mixer Bus Master I/O port        : 0x18c0
Mixer Base memory address        : 0xc0000c00
Mixer Bus Master memory address  : 0xc0000800
Mixer Base virtual address       : 0x85808c00
Mixer Bus Master virtual address : 0x85c0c800
AC97  Interrupt Line             : IRQ 9/PIN B
Memory range, I/O range and Bus Master access enabled.
AC97 configured for memory mapped IO.
Unknown 3D Stereo Enhancement technology detected.
3D center adjustment not supported by hardware!
3D depth adjustment not supported by hardware!
Unknown Device initialization success.

Or *does* it? ("Unknown Device initialization success.")

The audio cable is connected properly between the back of the CD and DVD drives and the system board. My CD players show time elapsing after i click the "play" button, the drive spins up, and the activity light blinks. Speaker system is connected properly and powered on (for example, MPXPlay plays, and CDs play ok in Windoze 98SE). I hear a click in the speakers during ICHINIT. But no CD audio in pure DOS! :-(

As the documentation requires: "Non-Plug-and-Play OS" set in BIOS and m/b audio enabled.

Am i doing something duhhh that i'm just not realizing? Can anybody suggest anything? Thanks....

- Doug B.

Oh yeh, the system: IBM NetVista M42, Pentium4 2.4ghz, i845G north, i801DB ICH4 south, CD and DVD drives are IDE.


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