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Dex - source code? (Developers)

posted by Dex(R), 20.12.2011, 04:02

> > If anyone want fasm code let me know.
> Dex, thanks for your generous offer -- i *would* be interested in the
> AC97CD code. With your permission, i'd like to re-assemble it, leaving out
> the keypress pauses and the CD player stuff -- that way, i could
> automatically run just the hardware initialization from my AUTOEXEC.BAT
> each bootup. (I wouldn't understand all the hardware-init code :-| , but
> i could follow the overall program flow.) And i would certainly leave in
> your authorship credit.
> - Doug B.

Sure you can
i included a strip ver called for you to test (which i have not tested as i know longer have ac97 card)
If that does not work, i have include full code, so you can play around with it.
You can do what you want with code, it was done a very long time ago, when i first started coding.


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