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mksh (Rugxulo, please come in!) (Miscellaneous)

posted by roytam(R), 23.12.2011, 02:45

Rugxulo: "13:47 < Rugxulo> disable job control (MKSH_UNEMPLOYED, maybe MKSH_NOPROSPECTOFWORK ?? I did that part manually) and it builds"

I did it a month ago on native DJGPP. ;-)
[2011-11-21 18:55] <RT|Chatzilla> OK back home. Updated DJGPP libraries and added missing awk and grep: log: diff:

--- Log opened Tue Nov 22 00:00:15 2011
08:55 < RT|work> Just found that DJGPP's fork() doesn't working. How can I make mksh working without fork() call?
18:36 < mira|AO> it?s impossible to make a full POSIX shell without fork()
18:39 < mira|AO> mh, wow. bash segfaulted for me.
18:40 < mira|AO> but without a working fork, you have almost no chance
18:40 < mira|AO> I think the fork emulation puts all global variables into a struct, uses a pointer to access it and threads, or somesuch
18:40 < mira|AO> that won't work on DOS either
18:40 < RT|Chatzilla> Yes. I wonder which ksh will work on DJGPP.
18:46 < mira|AO> without fork, you cannot get one.
18:48 < mira|AO> think: (foo | (BAR=baz blah; blub) | meow) |& while read -p line; do ?
18:48 < mira|AO> you cannot do all that with spawn()
18:49 < RT|Chatzilla> so DJGPP users have to use DJGPP's bash. IIRC DJGPP gawk uses temporary files for the subprocess pipes.
18:49 < mira|AO> at the moment, i'd say so
18:49 < mira|AO> but once we integrate most of the winapi port, someone can have a look at djgpp again
18:54 < RT|Chatzilla> <mira|AO> mh, wow. bash segfaulted for me. # from my testing, DJGPP bash 2.04b/2.05b can run (under Windows XP, I haven't test it under Real DOS)
18:55 < mira|AO> i don't remember where i tested
18:56 < mira|AO> probably under win2k
18:56 < mira|AO> possibly real dos, too
18:56 < mira|AO> might have been both


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