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SOUND support in DOS | Piotr | HDA (Developers)

posted by Dex(R), 26.12.2011, 17:57

> > Yes, you can use codecs from different manufacturers but for the AC97
> the
> > programmer's interfaces also varied. As far as I learned that is also
> the
> > case for HDA. :-( That was one of the reasons I did not extend my AC97
> > driver to HDA.
> Hm, I thought that there's stnadard interface between chipset and codec
> also for programmer. How can programmer detect type of codec chip? It's not
> visible from PCI space.

georgpotthast(R) is right, i found the same problem when coding AC97 drivers for my OS.
Took me along time to get any ac97 VIA support in my OS.


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