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mksh (Rugxulo, please come in!) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ibidem(R), 05.01.2012, 22:33

> Rugxulo: "13:47 < Rugxulo> disable job control (MKSH_UNEMPLOYED, maybe
> MKSH_NOPROSPECTOFWORK ?? I did that part manually) and it builds"
> I did it a month ago on native DJGPP. ;-)
> [2011-11-21 18:55] <RT|Chatzilla> OK back home. Updated DJGPP libraries and
> added missing awk and grep:

FWIW, a port of pdksh is also available: has the one known to run on DOS, but maybe the EMX versions also do...
Also, ack just might be able to compile mksh on DOS--it can on Minix 3.


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