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mksh (Rugxulo, please come in!) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 05.01.2012, 23:00

> > Rugxulo: "13:47 < Rugxulo> disable job control (MKSH_UNEMPLOYED, maybe
> > MKSH_NOPROSPECTOFWORK ?? I did that part manually) and it builds"
> >
> > I did it a month ago on native DJGPP. ;-)
> > [2011-11-21 18:55] <RT|Chatzilla> OK back home. Updated DJGPP libraries
> and
> > added missing awk and grep:
> Great!

I think you misunderstood, his only updated his build tools, IIRC. Sure, you can "build" mksh into an .EXE, but it won't "work". ;-)

> FWIW, a port of pdksh is also available:
> has the one known to run on DOS, but maybe the EMX versions
> also do...

But it may only work with EMX, and that barely works on DOS. In other words, it won't replace all the missing POSIX tools, LFNs, long cmdlines, etc. for you, sadly.

> Also, ack just might be able to compile mksh on DOS--it can on Minix 3.

ACK doesn't have a DOS port, does it? Anyways, Minix has fork(), and we don't. So, unless we hack at it and cross our fingers, for now we're stuck with (old) Bash 2.x. As mentioned, we only really "need" it for ./configure, which has its own issues. (DJGPP is probably as good as we can expect, for the foreseeable future.)


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