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Old 8086 version of pcc spotted (cross-compiles to DOS) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ibidem(R), 08.01.2012, 03:54

I was poking around recently, and spotted this: 08-Aug-2002 20:38 169K 08-Aug-2002 20:38 1.3M 08-Aug-2002 20:39 305K 08-Aug-2002 20:40 504K
README 09-Aug-2002 18:10 145

They were apparently the result of some MIT student projects, involving ports of the original Portable C Compiler (what today's PCC is based on).
The "" is definitely a cross compiler, capable of targeting DOS on PC-compatibles.
Judging by date (early 80's), it's K&R C... though I have seen a couple ANSI preprocessors that could be used with such compilers.
NO copyright/license notices are present, unfortunately.
I think the binaries are BSD 4.1 (VAX), though that's a wag.
It definitely won't compile on modern Linux; it seemed like the errors might be cleaned up without too much work.
It would be interesting to check how it builds with "Bruce's C Compiler" or an old GCC on DOS.


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