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X264 1.20 and FFMPEG 0.9.1 video encoders and LAME 3.99.3 (Announce)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 16.01.2012, 00:15

> VP8 / WEBM encoding doesn't work ... need libvpx ?

It's external library so it was not compiled in this basic version. You can try to configure and recompile it, I didn't succeed.

> you did "--enable-nonfree" .... this reportedly makes FFMPEG illegal and
> unredistributable :-(

Yes, because I planned to add further external libs that needs this. Today I added libmp3lame and libfaac to be able to encode MP3 and AAC audio. FFMPEG was updated to ver 0.9.1. I also update my LAME 3.99.3 for DOS.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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