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Some links ... (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 19.07.2007, 10:16

> 1). HimemX 3.31 still doesn't work for me on my old Intel 486 Sx/25 w/ 8
> MB RAM. But it's a little better, I think:
> = SHSURDRV works now
> = DJGPP (32-bit UNZIP.EXE) and OpenWatcom programs (UHarc) do not, however
> (though they should); they just crash
> = I also tested DOSZIP 1.28 (which doesn't use XMS) just to test the RAM
> drive and overall stability, so that works (thankfully)

If SHSURDRV indeed works then there most likely is no problem with the XMS move function anymore.

I found another 486 (a DX2 66 MHz with 8 MB). I successfully ran the DJGPP binary unzip32.exe (v5.52 from Info-Zip). Perhaps if you send me the binaries which do crash so I can try them on that machine...

MS-DOS forever!


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