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SOUND support in DOS | Piotr | HDA | WAW output broken (Developers)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 01.02.2012, 01:50

> > > JP.exe has messed WAV playback also in version 2.09f as I tested
> > (incorrect
> > > format reported) so it's much older issue than I touched the files.
> >
> > I mean WAV output (input XM or MOD), not WAV input.
> What wav output you mean? How can I try this? Anal invader use wav samples
> that plays OK.

jP.EXE has an option to output the .MOD file to .WAV format (raw samples). This is specified by the -w option. Your new DGJPP compiles in ver 2.10c and 2.10d apparently break that feature:


JP <sample.MOD> -w A.WAV

is now broken, and immediately exits with s SIGSERVE error in your new compiled versions. The file A.WAV is created, only as a 44-byte file with header and 0 data. Is there any possibility of a fix, as it would be great to have the .WAV file writing capability and support for the other HDA Audio chipsets you enabled.


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