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IBM PC DOS, free downloads (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 30.07.2007, 01:57

> > DR-DOS 7.03 is $35 (which I bought)
> From the pirates at DRDOS, Inc. / Devicelogics? They had to withdraw "DR
> DOS 8.0" because they used FreeDOS code in violation of its license
> conditions. (Jim Hall posted the story at the FreeOS site).

I remember hearing about this. However, I bought my 7.03 a while before that happened, and AFAIK, it uses no FreeDOS stuff. I'll admit, that was a bit strange, but whatever, not much I can do about that. (DR-DOS is a pretty good DOS, IMO, even if a bit outdated. However, I think FreeDOS is the future.)

> > As far as OpenDOS is concerned [snipped] I never understood the
> licensing (does anyone??)
> The licensing is complicated, but as AFAIK DR-DOS/OpenDOS 7.01, 7.02 and
> 7.03 (pre-Devicelogics) are still free, cerainly for private use. Source
> is free for OpenDOS 7.02. DRDOS, Inc. can't change licensing for an
> ancestor of its product that it never owned. If they could, Udo Kuhnt
> would be in a lot of trouble.

What I've read is debatable (comments from Pat Villani, Japheth, etc), so I'm not totally convinced I understand the nature of the whole "OpenDOS" mess. Yes, of course, Udo does his thing and no one has complained (yet??), but it's still legally murky. (Gotta hate such problems!) This is one clear advantage to FreeDOS ... no such issues. Granted, they have less official support.

But anyways, use whatever you want, they're all good. But still, at least FreeDOS has sources so you can fix and improve it. As far as the other DOSes, they won't be very good in comparison in a few months / years (if not already put to shame). If IBM is so disinterested in PC-DOS, they need to make it clear somehow (and / or maybe send a few developers to help FreeDOS??).

Know your limits.h


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