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Just some research about the name "E. R. Videki" (Developers)

posted by Arjay(R), 15.02.2012, 22:08

Below are the results of a quick bit of research I did into E.R.Videki (author of Oberon-M). His contact details for the compiler were via Tandem Computers was brought by Compaq in 1997 then HP, hence the domain is now owned by HP.

From what I could work out it would appear that long before Compaq brought Tandem Computers that he left to work at IBM. If you search for "IBM patent E. R. Videki" his name comes up quite a bit, and I noted that he mostly used "E. Videki" and this appears to be a list of his patents which lists his first name as Edwin:

Sadly a search on Edwin R. Videki resulted in the following:
"Edwin was born on November 17, 1928. Edwin died on April 12, 1993 at 65 years old."



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