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OMF records (Developers)

posted by Arjay(R), 15.02.2012, 22:36

> compiler circa 1991. So old, in fact, that it was expected to be used with
> MS LINK, which at the time (MS-DOS 4.0?) came bundled with the OS.
> Unfortunately, it uses at least one problematic ("obsolete") OMF .OBJ
> record in its output: REGINT. This chokes most linkers.

Have you tried the following LINK/TLINK options?
Quote: the basic structure of both MS and Borland OBJ formats is based on the OMF format so specifying that the linker ignore the extended dictionary records (/NOE for LINK, -e for TLINK) will disable this little hassle.

via which just happened to come back when I did a Google related search for Simtel OMF as I remembered there were a number of interesting OMF linker tools on my Simtel BBS CD's. Sadly the new "improved" site is near enough useless now days and I couldn't find those utils quickly just now but might also be worth checking.

> For various obscure reasons, I very very lightly decided to
> look into the matter.
Good enough reason :-)

Hope the above helps.


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