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Just some research about the name "E. R. Videki" (Developers)

posted by Arjay(R), 16.02.2012, 00:47

> The link above (Orlando Sentinel) from rr mentions this:
> > Survivors: sons, Edwin R., Morgan Hill, Calif.
Good catch, missed the sons line.

> And if you check OBERNM12.ZIP's README at the bottom, it says this:
> > Morgan Hill, California 95038
I did spot but wondered if above was him, if he had moved to be with/near relatives but as above I think you may be right it could have been his father.

> until I stumbled across 1.2
I followed your d/l link to i guess the older version?

> BTW, I read online somewhere that he used Turbo Pascal to make this,
> no huge surprise there.
As I like looking at things in a hex editor I thought I'd check into this early on. The EXE's are certainly Borland structured, however I noted they all lack the usual Borland boiler plate and tlink version bytes (e.g. FBh, 10h, 6Ah, 72h) which were certainly in use with TP5,5.5,6.0 which were all out when he released this. I did note that SYS.OBJ contains a TASM v1.0 copyright string unlike all the other OBJ files. I did wonder if he was copying a template object file and then modifying it, so I decided to test this by moving only OC.EXE into a test directory with a test.mod file and compiling it resulted in an test.obj without complaints. So I then confirmed the OBJ creation by copying OC.EXE to a different name and modifing 2 bytes of the last of the 3 (tm) strings in OC.EXE which I guessed to be the string used on the OBJ header. My guess was right and I noted that ther modified OBJ header appeared in the resulting OBJ compiled with my quick mod version.

I also compared the header of sys.obj with the output of the test obj's and noted differences beyond the text which confirmed that the obj's are being built by the compiler rather than just modified from a builtin pre-generated.

Anyway my guess is that his compiler was probably either built with tasm but linked with ms link, or it was built with a customised version of borland pascal/c (which came with rtl source) which in this instance was modified to build the EXE's (which lack the usual pascal or C rtl bits/strings/sys vars). That said he could have used Turbo Pascal/C without the rtl source by using various tools to replace/reduce the size of the rtl which exist, however I expect the later is less likely as even harder to use than rtl src.

Anyway this is all academic but as I spent a few mins looking at the files I thought you might be vaguely interested in the above.


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