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OMF records (Developers)

posted by Arjay(R), 16.02.2012, 01:09

> > > compiler circa 1991. So old, in fact, that it was expected to be used
> > with
> > > MS LINK, which at the time (MS-DOS 4.0?) came bundled with the OS.
Yup along with exe2bin, edlin and other such delights. Things started to be dumbed down with v5 when he was introduced and dosshell (yuk).

> 16-bit TLINK seems to work fine.
Which makes sense re use of Borland's tools to dev (see my separate reply).

> So does MS LINK (which the author seemed to prefer).
Yup, as per separate reply his exe's don't appear to have been tlink'd.

> The last MS LINK is actually a 32-bit PharLap.EXE

> QLINK (recently GPL'd) works if you use /OMF:IGN ("ignore") but needs DPMI
Hmm, not familar but will check it out. Have you tried alink which may or may not support omf (i think it may) however so many linkers hard to remember,

> I forget what others I tried.
I know that feeling :)

> All I know is that it seems ludicrous to have so many linkers
> not handle the format,
Thinking about it I wonder if it may be more to do with of possible bugs in the oberon obj files themselves, have you run them through a obj dumper?

> I decided to read up a bit and play it a bit more "safe" just in case.

> (There are other Oberon compilers but none that target 16-bit DOS, AFAICT.
> Color me nostalgic.)
I think that's a good thing :)

> I'm no linker expert, far from it, similarly for OMF
Me neither I've written 1 16bit linker (not released) and started to add omf later but got busy with work. That was back in around 1997/98 by the time I had time again mid 00's things had moved on to the point that i though why bother working on it when the world was by then 32bit.

> or actually freakin' anything really!
Yeah right, don't put yourself down ;-)

> I just wanted to document my efforts in case anyone cared later on.
always a good thing.


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