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OMF records (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 17.02.2012, 02:15

> If you can provide a FULL test case ( object modules! ), I'll feed them to
> my fork of wlink. If errors occur at the link step, it won't be too hard to
> tell why wlink doesn't like the modules.

I played with it a bit more, but I'm really unfamiliar with WLINK syntax. I ended up doing something like "format dos name blah file abc,xyz,out,term,sys", which would give a few warnings, create an .EXE, but that wouldn't run, wrongly claimed xyz module is older than whatever. (That error detection part is apparently embedded in SYS.OBJ, whose source is not included. I don't think you really need it, but I don't know why it's confused here.) Anyways, for comparison, this does not happen with TLINK or MS LINK or VALX. I'm not sure why, there's too many oddball things going on that are beyond my knowledge as I'm not super familiar with OMF innards. It might be order-specific, as in main module has to be linked first, SYS.OBJ has to be linked last. Is that enforceable with WLINK? (Semi-educated guess but could be wrong.)

Anyways, you don't need any examples from me, OBERNM12.ZIP already has two example projects: ABU, and OE (plus their pre-generated .OBJ files). If you do decide to recompile something, remember that "oc blah.mod def" (generate the .REF) must come first before "oc blah.mod" (generate the .OBJ) except for the main module.

P.S. Tried WarpLink again (though I knew it didn't work), aborts linking (with no resulting .EXE) due to no stack size or stack too large or whatever. I didn't honestly know where to patch that, so I couldn't fiddle with it (yet). See what I mean about most linkers hating its output?


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