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OMF records (Developers)

posted by marcov(R), 19.02.2012, 16:47

> > > Apparently nobody was ever interested in a truly free 16-bit linker.
> > Since
> > > then they would have written one.
> It's a big world, so unless there is a big organization or movement (and
> not just random hackers like us)

Nonsense. A simple compiler+linker is not rocket science, and can be easily done by a handful of hobbyists. It won't be top of the bill performance, but that doesn't really matter either.

If you make the toolchain itself 32-bit (but targeting 16-bit), the generated code might actually be quite decent since you don't have the same memory and speed constraints the original 16-bit compiler developers had.

> nothing big will get done, or at least if
> it does, nobody will know about it (less publicized, hidden away,
> disappears). This is how it is with "niche" software.

It is not a niche problem. Amiga, C=64 and OS/2 communities do get things done. Dos not.

Ask yourself why. Maybe because most of the remaining Dosers are there mainly because of inertia, rather than choice.

>... Anyways, I just now tried it.

> ... record because that borks it, but with HACKOMF, it actually works!
> ... ALINK (EMX/RSX compile) yesterday,
> doesn't work, dumps core (file).

And the smart shopping and patching goes on :-)


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