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posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 19.02.2012, 17:19

> Ask yourself why. Maybe because most of the remaining Dosers are there
> mainly because of inertia, rather than choice.

Yes, it's interesting how much older platforms like C64 or Amiga have a lot of hardcore fans that still produce new SW and also improve HW. Maybe it's because it had multimedia features in times when DOS had just a bare commandline so creative people was attracted to it much more than to PC. Also this platforms has advantage in simple and unified hardware (very well documented) that makes same limitations for all users but makes programming much more simple than on PC where you have spreaded tons of incompatible HW and you want to run your progam from 386 to core i7... But regardless that most of DOS users moved to windows because there was quite good continuity of developed applications so they could forgot DOS. Except some special cases of special DOS SW that has not replacement for windows but their users leave DOS system as is because it simply works and they don't need do any development. And there left only a 0,00...% od users who use DOS just for fun, using theirs favorite old apps/games or learning system programming...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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