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Old 8086 version of pcc spotted (cross-compiles to DOS) (Miscellaneous)

posted by bocke(R), 01.03.2012, 01:01

This PCC seems to be ancesstor to modern PCC:

I did try compiling it while playing with ELKS. I did manage to compile some of the toolchain (as and ld I think) with bcc but it required some tweaking.

Anyway, porting the modern *BSD pcc would be much smarter thing to do. But I don't see that happening soon. DOS community is really small these days. You can see some activity centered around FreeDOS and DJGPP. Other than that, I think this forum is the most active DOS community ATM (that remind how it almost got shut down :-().

Talking about ancient K&R C compilers, there's already bcc. Desmet C is now under GPL too. And you can even download Aztec C 8086 compiler (half) legally. But I don't see the purpose for that. Maybe only as a tiny development environment for 8086/186 based PC with limited memory and hd space (or without hdd)...


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