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HX DOS Extender (Emulation)

posted by bocke(R), 01.03.2012, 18:19

> I tried 0.13.1 too. After restarting dosemu with sound support it at least
> started. But it stucked not showing anything. You might have better luck on
> a native DOS installation. Or with other msvcrt.dll.

You could also try playing with different versions (other than included one) of SDL.DLL. Earlier 1.2.x versions seem to "work". But sdl crashes under dosemu with error about not being able to set 640x480. I was going to make a small bootable CD to try it natively, but got sided away while doing it.

Btw, you might want to use univbe or some other VESA extension. FreeVBE didn't work under DosBox and DosEmu. Univbe seemed to work, but (as stated above) SDL coudln't get any VESA modes to start with. I tried playing with hxguihlp.ini VESA mode settings but without luck.

Anyway, I spent even too much time playing with this. As this was more of the "interesting thing to try" than anything usefull, I'm giving up. But I gave enough pointers if you're still interested in making it work.

Good luck! :)


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