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Old 8086 version of pcc spotted (cross-compiles to DOS) (Miscellaneous)

posted by bocke(R), 06.03.2012, 04:14
(edited by bocke on 06.03.2012, 04:40)

I tried searching for linkers with DJGPP/COFF support

Club Dr.DOS wiki cites ALINK:

This little FAQ cites JLOC:

Anyway, maybe nasm output format can be tweaked for an another linker. It's able to generate different formats. Just the sort exerpt:
bin - flat-form binary files (e.g. DOS .COM, .SYS)
coff - COFF (i386) object files (e.g. DJGPP for DOS)
obj - MS-DOS 16-bit/32-bit OMF object files
ieee - IEEE-695 (LADsoft variant) object file format

Edit: props to Dietmar. :) The package is clean and easy to understand/hack on. I will play with it a bit.


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