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Old 8086 version of pcc spotted (cross-compiles to DOS) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 06.03.2012, 06:26

> Sorry my bad. I just played with Minix a bit some time ago. You seem to be
> more informed then me. :)

Only very very barely.

> Btw, I had success running the recent versions in qemu. That is without
> VT-X (sadly).

QEMU is fairly hard to build on Win32, or at least pre-built binaries aren't as easy to come by anymore, apparently. But I usually just use VirtualBox, "good enough", these days.

> > I thought? I had read somewhere that they were still defaulting to ACK
> and
> > GCC was only optional. I can't imagine they'd switch entirely, but
> > <sarcasm> those pesky (Linux) spies^H^H^H^H^H volunteers probably have
> > their own preferences (sabotage!). </sarcasm>
> You have penguinofobia. :D

Nah, I run Linux a lot on that other machine (triple boot). It's just I hate POSIX-only code, it's so ugly. If I write DOS-only code, I'm an idiot, but they write Linux-only code and are geniuses, go figure.

> It seems [OW's LFN] to work fine. At least with what I tested. What problems did you
> have? I'll test it more and let you know. I did a several quick tests.
> Nothing too thoroughly.

Nothing big. Just the fact that the compiler itself isn't LFN aware after all this time can't be a good sign. (I guess we should be running Win32-hosted under HX?)

> Bookmarked. :) I'll check out his lcc. Good idea for a more detailed test.
> What's wrong with ld? Can it be built with Deitmar's lcc build? Have you
> tried any other linker with COFF support (just brainstorming)?

No, haven't tried, didn't seem worth the effort, maybe only for more independence or looser licensing or whatever. GNU ld may (in theory) build with LCC + POSIX libc (aka, DJGPP libc 2.01 he used), but I haven't tried.

P.S. (next post) You're right, ALINK supports some form of COFF, but I'm not sure if that's the DJGPP variant or (more likely) only Win32 PE/COFF, which differs in some incompatible ways (e.g. reloc handling). Actually, ALINK is old, buggy, and long abandoned, so I'm not sure how robust it is. (But better than nothing, I guess.) If you really just want a totally independent toolset, try CC386. At least that (supposedly) can build itself. OpenWatcom can too but not on DOS (AFAIR) though one guy halfway tried a few years ago.


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