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HX DOS Extender (Emulation)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 09.03.2012, 19:17

It seems you're trying to play ScummVM under DOS? Aren't most of those games already DOS-friendly? Or does the new engine offer better features? (And yes, I see DOSGuy was trying other games too.) Yes, DOSBox is for games but not much else (i.e. not for hardcore tricks like HX).

In other words, I think the one time I tried DOSLFN under DOSBox, it didn't work. Also, DOSBox doesn't truncate filenames correctly, i.e., when in real DOS, if you try to read / write, it will just ignore anything past 8.3, but DOSBox seemed to not like that and crashed.

Also, yes, HXGUI works, but it may require VESA 2.0, 800x600, etc. I know DOSBox emulates that somewhat, but VESA support is often quirky due to bugs, so who knows what's going on there.

I forget exactly, but I believe there is a HDPMI setting for ignoring imports that aren't found but are also unused. So you can disable that warning -- if and only if your app doesn't use them (else it will not work).

I did successfully run Wolf4SDL (older version with SDL 1.2 or such) about two or three years ago, but I haven't tried lately. IIRC, you may have to disable sound output (via env. var.) if it's not found. You can also change the output video driver (see the docs).

MSVCRT.DLL is a pain. First of all, I'm fairly? certain you can't redistribute it legally without being a commercial licensee of MSVC. Secondly, the whole advantage is gone since there are billions of minor revisions / variations / versions. I don't know why more people don't just statically link (at least for this bothersome .DLL). Also, it's very hard to find one that works with HX. Well, at least for me. I think I recently just copied over one found in the 32-bit Java folder (but only tested with one or two apps so far). BTW, your main problem actually stems from MinGW being lazy and using it by default, which is a bad move, IMHO. But they were proud of themselves for saving a few kb (even if only one import is used!!)). OpenWatcom Win32 output doesn't need it, so it's much easier to support. In theory, you could recompile most things with SDL with OpenWatcom, but it's probably not easy (as always!), so I never bothered.

I don't wish to discourage you, but I'm just saying, it gets a bit difficult to get some things to run.


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